Presbyterianske kristne åbnede ild mod fromme bedende muslimer.

Nå nej.. øjeblik..

Det var jo omvendt..

If that headline were true, of course, the international news would be talking about nothing else for days. In fact, however, the reverse is true, and the international media will take little, if any, notice of this, and never even come close to discussing, or even acknowledging the existence of, the Islamic doctrines that give a theological justification for such attacks.

Peshawar (AsiaNews/Agencies) – One woman has died and 28 people have been injured in an attack on the Presbyterian Christian community in the village of Songo, in the district of Gujranwala, province of Punjab. The attack took place on the evening of March 2: at 8 p.m., a group of Muslim inhabitants opened fire on the faithful who had gathered in the church for prayer. The woman, named Shakeela, died on the spot, while other members of the faithful suffered injuries of various kinds while they were seeking to flee from the bullets or to protect the pastor. The attackers broke the windows of the church, destroyed the Bibles and the other prayer books, and removed the cross from the roof of the building.

~ af Pinstripe på 6. marts 2009.

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