Anders Fogh anses for at have mangel på respekt for islam

NATO secretary-general candidate deemed “disrespectful toward Islam”

Jo, denne sag om Anders Foghs kandidatur til Nato’s generalsekretærpost er heller ikke gået Jihad Watch’s næse forbi.

Citat fra Jihad Watch:

Among other things, he is accused of having “an irresponsible and unsentimental attitude during the [Muhammad] cartoon crisis.” In other words, he seems to be an advocate of free speech. “Rasmussen disrespectful toward Islam: Turkey’s senior AKP official,” from World Bulletin, March 24:

 Suat Kiniklioglu, deputy chairman of the ruling Justice and Development (AK) Party for foreign relations, said, “it is unacceptable that a person who loutishly disrespect our faith and holy values in the past, will head the Alliance.”

In an interview with the A.A, Kiniklioglu said that election of Prime Minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen of Denmark as the new secretary-general of NATO could cause some difficulties for the Alliance because of the Islam[ic] world’s perception of him.”

The Danish prime minister is a troublesome person for Turkey. There are three reasons of this: First of all, he was captured by cameras as saying after the EU Summit in 2003 that Turkey would never become a full member of the EU; then, he assumed an irresponsible and unsentimental attitude during the cartoon crisis, and lastly, he failed to prevent broadcast of Roj TV from Denmark,” he said.

Læs mere på Jihad Watch på førnævnte link og Snaphanen.

~ af Pinstripe på 24. marts 2009.

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